series of paintings (oil, acrylic, and digital print on canvas), 90 x 90 cm

(…) In this series the artist problematises painting as a mirror image in correlation with polaroid-photography, a smart idea woven into an integral hyper-visual objectification. The artist took a step back from the relentless advertising ubiquity that we can no longer avoid. Returning to the power and the necessary space-time of the painting, she realized a couple of dozen retro-visualizations that examine the broader concept of the painting in the context of visual culture. Painting is both a phenomenon and an idea, an idea of the idea of how a painting, and its content is created. It is also an image or imago (picture, character, form), a painting, but also an objectively visual fact. (…)
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exhibited @ 2021 Slike s odmora, Josip Racic Studio / National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb (HR)
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