ink drawings on postcards, 15 x 15 cm

This work was created exclusively for the exhibition “Creadores Europeos” I was invited to participate in.
Since my latest works question three ideas which somewhat overlap: memory and its transformation over time, and identity // locating myself in the specific place/location, I focused my research on problems of identifying myself in the city, and the idea of moving myself through space.
For 30 days, at noon, I made four (abstract) drawings of the surroundings at the current location I happen to find myself in Zagreb. Finally, by sending the works –and exhibiting them– in Valladolid, my presence and my experiences from Zagreb will be moved to another city, dislocated.
I was interested in exploring the different ways of questioning this “opaque” identity in which my position is filtered through the environment; interfaced with the surrounding constructs which might question my position in the space and time. In a way, I was interested in the relations between the past and the present, as well as those between the reality and imagination/fiction.

exhibited @ 2017 Creadores Europeos, Municipal Exhibition Hall of Las Francesas, Valladolid (ES);
  • There, where I meet myself somewhere else