mixed media

The work juxtaposes the legal and artistic identity by documenting the process of developing a graphic print–form printing, the signing of the work, up to symbolic self-destruction which presumably makes a series a valid piece of art. The problem of the identity is emphasized by the simple act of cutting the finger, with which the author respects the printmaking laws destroying the matrix, but at the same time influences the legal structure by forever changing her fingerprint.

Exhibited @ 2016 2/3, Prints, iCa Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR); 2014 Trans-Form, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Bucharest (RO); 2012, MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR); 2011 Essl Art Award, ESSL Museum, Klosterneuburg (AT); 2011 Essl Award – nominees, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (SLO); 2010 45th Zagreb Salon: the Market, HDLU, Zagreb (HR); 2009 ALUO, City Gallery, Ljubljana (SLO); 2009 2.m, Gallery Miklova Hisa, Ribnica (SLO)
photo © iCa / Boris Cvjetanovic
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