sound installation

“the Invisible Happening” deals with the sound of a drawing process. The image drawn remains known only to the author while the sound of its drawing process serves as narration by giving a chance to its viewers to interpret the sound, decipher the visual, and second-guess the work. Such set-up causes slight deviation from what is expected and forces the audience to change the perception, using and exploring senses that are usually forgotten or suppressed.

exhibited @ 2013 48th Zagreb Salon: the Identity, HDLU Gallery, Zagreb (HR); 2011 Essl Art Award, ESSL Museum, Klosterneuburg (AT); 2011 Essl Award – nominees, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (SLO); 2011 Draw!ing Outline; Contemporary Croatian Draw!ing, Mytets Gallery, KONUAU, Kyiv (UA); 2010 the Invisible Happening, Nano Gallery, Zagreb (HR)


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