digital prints & drawings, 120x100cm

This series of works is an intimate study of spaces in my (sub)conscious. The exhibited drawings are based on the texts describing my dreams, but I am primarily interested in the attempt of recreation of the atmosphere in dreams. In this case, I can associate with Freud’s assertion that a dream, or myth, does not follow the laws of logic nor does it respect the spatio-temporal framework. I particularly enjoy the “holes” in the mental process, the incompleteness of thoughts, and I use them exclusively for recreating the atmosphere.

exhibited @ 2012 6th Croatian Prints Triennial: Illusion in Art, Ring Gallery HDLU, Zagreb (HR); 2012 Young Art from CEE, Exhibition Centre Ringturm, Vienna (AT); 2012 Croatian Art Now, Ernst & Young, Den Haag (NL); 2011 METAmART.Die Marktmodelle, Künstlerhaus; Vienna (AT); 2011 Dorothy, were not in Kansas anymore!, Buzancic Gallery, Zagreb (HR)
  • plutanje