(…) Putting aside the feminist readings itself, this is the case of an action which, through the act of their simultaneous tapestry embroiling, assemblies four female artists into a mutual associating in the context of an exhibition space. Motifs of these tapestries are famous quotes of well-established male contemporary artist. That same tapestry presents one of those spaces of denying, erasing the feature of an author, purposing itself as solely the element of a traditional reminiscence and decoration of the past domestic habitat, our grandmas distraction and almost forgotten cliché which in its motifs frequently hides all those high stated art forms. A stereotype that rotates around its own axis. (…)

exhibited @ 2009 Subversive Correspondence#2, the Gallery at W. Green, London (UK); 2009 Subversive Correspondence#1, Broadwalk Arts, Bristol (UK); 2008 Projekt6:Stereotypes and prejudice, Gallery Karas, Zagreb (HR); 2008 Projekt6:Stereotypes and prejudice, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, (HR)

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