series of photographs, 50×50 cm

Though at the first glance it seems to be a photo collage, watercolor, or perhaps assemblage, the piece consists of (unedited) documentary photographs. Behind the bright, abstract compositions that do not seem to address any real-life-worries nor any kind of social context, there is a motif – a well-balanced product, stemming from the conflict between utilitarianism and larpurlartism, which raised under the lucky circumstances in 1982. The motives are, therefore, a devastated skylights of Bakić’s monument on Petrova gora. As usual, memory of this social and historical segment is never pleasant nor painless. Yet, the outlook of the past allows us to move forward; a glance through the damaged skylight allows us to see light, sky, plant … In their dystrophic environment, the frame of each of the skylights “provides a new hope, or at least it creates a setting for a somewhat more tolerant vision of human civilization”. (Igor Juran)

exhibited @ 2017 Drugi pogled, GRETA Gallery, Zagreb (HR)
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