linocuts on paper, 50x50cm

With “qrART” series, I exhibit linocut QR codes consisting of square dot arrays seemingly arranged at random within the boundaries of a white square. In the series the price information becomes the work itself, at the same time blatantly obvious and tastefully hidden, as the whole purpose of the work becomes informing an aptly equipped viewers–with smartphones and QR deciphering software–about its price. Through the codes, I transform my work into an overblown, but nonetheless decorative price tag. In the world where owing an artwork often tends to be mainly about advertising its price rather than its dubious social values, I succeeds in making that advertising much more acceptable, stylish, and convenient.

Exhibited @ 2016 2/3, Prints, iCa Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR); 2013 GraficaRi, MMSU Mali salon, Rijeka (HR); 2012 03/2012, Galerie ArtPoint, Universitätsstraße 5, 1010 Vienna (AT)
photo © iCa / Boris Cvjetanovic
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