photography, digital print

In this work Maja illustrates irrational, or more precisely her fear of the unpredictable which often manifests itself to her through her mottephobia. She does it through a series of digital prints showing moths’ wayward flight visualized as fading ghostlike trails spreading the surface of a paper. There, by freezing their movement, she is able to analyze their flight, perceive it as predictable, and make her fear of them to become more bearable.
“I’ve captured one of the most horrific fears I have and transferred it to a piece of paper. Being transferred there, it does look rather absurd. On the other hand the fear I have of them is still as real as ever. To me their nature resembles that of an electron. There is no certainty about where one is going to land, there is only probability.”

Exhibited @ 2012 03/2012, Galerie ArtPoint, Universitätsstraße 5, 1010 Vienna (AT)
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