series of paintings (oil and acrylic on canvas), 32 x 32 cm

(…) The series Vacation Pictures (2019 – 2021) is executed in the manner of pulp or pop-realism that questions prejudices about the artist’s work as leisure, dabbling in painting and relaxation, not taking into account, for instance, the fact that from an idea to realization the artist invested about 40 hours/week of work into each of her paintings, and that artistic creation is work. Then, with a twofold pop-effect, the artist shows objects that (according to a survey) most people associate with vacations – holidays at sea (a book, an inflatable flamingo float, colourful flip-flops, a beach bag, a summer hat…). With this visual inventory and saccharine optical-tactile optimisation, the artist disarms the delirium of consumerism, challenging the preposterous aesthetics of eternal advertising pleasure with the same visual and ideological-material means it is made of, at the same time making us aware of the predictability and habitual nature of the human species in general. (…)
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exhibited @ 2021 6th Painting Biennial, Gallery HDLU, Zagreb (HR); 2021 Slike s odmora, Josip Racic Studio / National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb (HR); 2019 De/konstrukcija slike, Karas Gallery, Zagreb (HR); 2019 Known Unknowns, Westpol A.I.R space, Leipzig (DE)
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