mixed media (ink jet printed records; mobiles), work in progress

The basic idea of this project was observation of a person as a “perfect”, “sculptural” form; it involves mobiles (people who filled in the records were invited to the place of the exhibition, and each was tagged with his/her archive number), and the archive–the result of the attempt to unify the data of the mobile/subject.
At the beginning of the project, I was curious is it (and to what extent) possible to manage (un)structured content within the archive form, but at the same time keep the uniqueness of the mobile/subject itself. Records were filled in by mobiles/subjects thus (un)covering personalities, creating a sort of anarchy within the strictly determined form.
After some years of collecting records, the archive evolved and got a new dimension – the one of a certain “diary”. Records are now acting as silent witnesses, hiding changes (both physical and mental/emotional) that mobiles/subjects experience over time, and which are traceable since there are mobiles/subjects that were put in the database more than once…

exhibited @ 2018 Događanja, Fritzi Gallery, Mali Lošnj (HR); 2017 Repozitorij, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek (HR); 2010 Visura Aperta 10, Momjan (HR); 2007 Essl Award, Glyptotheca HAZU, Zagreb (HR); 2006 Siemens Go Global!, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb (HR); 2006 28th Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb (HR); 2005 Young Visual Artists Awards, City Gallery, Prag (CZ); 2005 Visura Aperta 05, Momjan (HR); 2005 Radoslav Putar award, Gallery Krizić- Roban, Zagreb (HR); 2004 Decentralization, Gallery PU (SC), Zagreb (HR)
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