installation (6 prints 76×60 cm, objects)

The work “Prints” reflects my frustration with the printed artworks, where often both the content and concept of work fall into the background, and authors (printmakers) select motifs for their prints only as an excuse to use the printmaking tools and to demonstrate their technical skills.
As a protest, I exhibit blind prints, printed with relief, intaglio, and planographic printing methods, thus putting aside true content, while simultaneously paying attention to the technical part of the work (proper signature, paper specifications etc). In the showcase I also exhibit the tools –used for the preparation of the matrix and/or printing– which are finally placed in the deserving position as objects of worship.
The work challenges traditional conventions and raises questions about the definitions and identifiers of printmaking.

NOTE: artist’s statement is a part of this work

exhibited @ 2015 Prints / Memory of Grandfather, Karas Gallery, Zagreb (HR)

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