screen print and digital print on paper, 70x70cm

The main motive of the work “Varieties” (Variations) is the signature of the (graphic) print. 1/1 is not a valid graphic series, but rather a monotype. Therefore, it is necessary to make more than one print for the graphic edition to be valid. I decided to produce 4 prints, combining the two techniques: silkscreen, digital printing. By this act the data in the printed signature becomes untrue: by combining the two techniques in one print, it ceases to be silkscreen or digital print, but rather it becomes mixed media (combined techniques), and information about the edition of the series –1/4– printed on each sheet, becomes an obvious lie. With the existence of four equal prints, it is necessary that the signature begins to vary.

Exhibited @ 2016 2/3, Prints, iCa Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR)
photo © iCa / Boris Cvjetanovic
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