stancil on gobelin canvas / screenprint on paper, 40x50cm

Sketching about the matrix: The action of printing the matrix on a gobelin canvas consequently produced prints on paper. The gobelin canvas –screen– let the paint flow through the mesh openings during the squeegee stroke, and by transferring the image onto the printing surface –paper– it became the matrix for screen printing on paper. Undoubtedly, printed motif on the gobelin canvas is a matrix, too.
Sketching about the edition: If I view the motif as a part of the prints’ signature (1/2), it is incorrect, since there are two identical prints. However, by correcting the matrix during needlework, in order to correct the signature (from 1/2 to 2/2) and state the truth, I achieve to state a lie; each deviation from a given pattern takes the print further away from the valid graphic series of two, and closer to the sphere of monotypes. This inability to present the truth bulits-up a frustration within me. Perhaps I could simply ignore the matrix and embroider white canvas – a clean slate.
Somewhere in the process of (needle)work I will decide whether I will embroider a lie, a lie or a lie.

Exhibited @ 2016 2/3, Prints, iCa Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR)
photo © iCa / Boris Cvjetanovic
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