installation / mixed media (earth under glass bells, placed on pedestals)

The work was created out of my need to acknowledge the moment in which I finally reached the desired destination, after the all-day physical activity (hiking, climbing) in various conditions (rain, snow, yellows, steep terrains …), and out of the need to respect / glorify the grounds that I “conquered”.
So, I collected earth from the peak, packed it and brought it to Zagreb. With this action, I started the archive of “repositioned earth”, which currently holds soil from 32 peaks from the mountains such as Medvednica, Velebit, Risnjak, Bjelolasica, Julian Alps, Osoršćica, Triglav…
This archive can be perceived as both, a monument to personal victories as well as a personalized souvenir of nature; instead of mass-produced snow globes with the images of well-known cityscapes, under these glass bells we can observe fragments of “unknown”, wild places.

Exhibited @ 2018 13th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptotheca HAZU, Zagreb (HR)
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