Transcript of the fortunetelling of: Kubilay Akman, Turkey

“Ok, now lets say neyse halin, cIksIn falIn; let your fortune match your state…
I see somebody, I don’t know who, but somebody thinks about you very much. I don’t know, maybe some of your relatives or one friend or… I don’t know, somebody you haven’t met for a long time, but that person is thinking of you. So… and you’ll meet that person soon. He or she is coming from somewhere far away only to see you, or meet you.
And soon, maybe in the next month, you’ll have some health problem, like a flu or something. And you are sleeping, having a rest. And some of your works will be interrupted because of the illness. But, it’s not so serious, just usual for the season.
And somebody needs your help. Maybe this person told you that before, requested your help. And you are trying to make up your mind whether to help that person or not. But actually, you want to help. And you think what can you do to help and what kind of support can you offer, but that person seriously expects some help from you. And maybe your behavior will change your relationship. Anyway, after your support or not support something will change between you and that person.
I see a travel. I don’t know, in three times..3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months… I see travel somewhere near the sea. Maybe a coastal town. yes, you are going to a coastal town. I don’t know, maybe in Croatia or abroad, but in 3 times, as I said.
And you are going to a place full of people, where is crowded. I don’t know maybe a club or a concert hall or maybe a theatre or a movie theatre. And this visit to that place will make your mind better; you will feel better after that visit, after going there. You will feel more relaxed or happier…
..I see a period of problems, you know…for a while. You have been already stressed, in depression or kind of a bad mood. Maybe not too bad, but you are stressed anyway. And this will continue by the same routine for a while. But after, suddenly, you will come to brighter days, you will find solution for your problems and you will feel better and everything will be clearer. And your sadness or stress or whatever will finish…but you have to be patient. It will take time…
You are kind of…I don’t know the right word, but you are in the rush. You want to make everything so quickly, but to reach the good days you have to be more patient. Everything has to be waited for the right time, you know?… You need to wait.
And I see you in the sky. So, it probably means to fly somewhere. This is very long flight. I don’t know, maybe intercontinental flight…and you are meeting some people after this flight and that will make a contribution for your artistic, professional activities. Maybe I can say that after this flight your professional life will also take off, start to fly.
And again…you have some problems in your heart, like you can be board of something or you can be frustrated with something, but this is not continues, it will end one day. Soon.
I see a kısmet… Do you know what that means? That is like luck, chance for fortune, but usually we use that word for the luck of marriage or the chance of marriage for woman. You will meet a guy, I don’t know when, maybe it will take time. Not soon… When you meet that guy, that will change your point of view very much. Maybe you don’t want to marry somebody now days, but when you meet this guy your life perspective will change totally. Somebody like your soul mate. But this meeting will happen somewhere very costumed, maybe your native town or maybe an institution you are involved in. But you don’t know that guy from before. This is not one of the people you know already. You will meet him suddenly and suddenly fall in love with him…and it will change all fluency of your life. All the destiny.
And I see regular and stabile relationship with that guy. But I don’t see children. I don’t know why, but I see your relationship with that guy without any children. But you are happy.
And from somewhere you will get money soon. Not too much, but enough for now, to find some solution for money problems. So, not too much, but for now this is like a medicine for you.
And I see you in a crossroad there, at this two other ways. I cannot see this, is it something real or something metaphorical… You are hesitating whether to go in one way or the other way. Actually, you don’t need to hesitate, because these two ways are meeting again at another point so… it’s not so serious, just whichever you choose, you will arrive to the same target.
And except the little health problem soon, maybe next month, I don’t see anymore health problems.. For the near future.
I think an joyful and colorful summer is waiting for you. Just you should be more patient.
Now…make a wish. Wish something.


Ok, your wish will happen. I don’t know what you wished, but it will happen. Exactly.
I see a woman in your family…maybe your mum, maybe your sister, cousin… I don’t know, but someone very close to you. And who is very similar to you, I mean she looks like you. She wants to take care of you, but she feels she is not doing enough; she is not sufficient to help you enough. But I think that woman is proud of you.
And there is a boy in your family and you are guiding or you will guide that boy. I think you will be like a master to this boy. He will ask you everything, how can see succeed in something or how can he improve himself. And you are a guide to that boy and he is taking you as a model for his life, a role model.
And I see family member is approaching you, just coming to visit you…and this visit makes you happier. But in your family you feel lack of something. I don’t know what that is, but definitely you have the feeling of absence of something. And you felt that up to now and you know it will not change so much for the future. This is something stabile for your family relationships. So, maybe its better…you should be accustomed with the absence of that, I don’t know what that is. Sometimes there are some hopes to solve the problem or to put everything in the place or to finish the absence or the lack of that thing, but there are only some hopes. And you know that they are not realistic and they will not work…but it doesn’t mean you will be unhappy with your family, but just you should be costumed with the lack of that thing, that element, whatever…”