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Text: Projekt6

Projekt6 was founded in the year 2006, when young Croatian artists started an experiment in order to inquire the connections between the theme, medium and personalities of the individual. Through constant meetings the authors discuss and question their own opinions, judgments and attitudes towards art. Each author expresses himself/herself by referring to the works of another author, thus becoming the subject of someone’s reference as well: … (Igor) → Tea → Maja → Zdravko → Karla → Martina → Igor → (Tea) …

Tea Hatadi → Through interaction, “Colour Your Memories” allows the viewer to create a final image. Specified surfaces (cork, panel, metal) offer a possibility of individual choice of colour that corresponds to the colour of given surfaces. Through the principle of logical attraction of the material and experience of the viewer`s colour choice, we leave the trace of existence and unconscious transmission of thoughts at the moment of material friction. Like everyday notes and records (post-its) information become the records of the forgotten ones, as well as symbolic of candle lighting to honour the deceased and remembrance of his presence within memories. Final image then becomes a coloured record of other memories, statuesque, and weapon rendered motif (first Croatian-made tank M-84A based upon a Russian T-72) reminding us of a past still present but submerged in the consciousness of society.

Maja Rožman → The starting points for this project were the reality show phenomena of idolizing an individual and the problem of the unreal perception of personality caused by the manipulative power of the media (i.e. television). “The Unregistered User” is a series of digital prints, which represents the fourteen candidates from the third Big Brother season in Croatia. The images were created from the comments taken from the show’s official Internet forum thus reflecting the mindless acceptance of the information given by the media. We are following the reversed process – the transformation of the fictive into the real as the media edited reality becomes the real reality.

Zdravko Horvat → In “Online Guide for Average Female” I am taking over Karla`s concept of standard (ideal) ready made patterns –in terms of text or a situation– which I then re-formulate to emphasise flaws, or negate ideal or a standard as such, I dislocate its usual meaning into a new situation. Digitally rendering and manipulating a cult «Sex and the city» show, through the selection of scenes, deconstructing and reconstructing them with a series of repetitions, I am trying to push the situation to the limits of absurd. Simultaneously, the work is conceived through the Internet access as the possible form of the mass media, sending information of standards and ideals mostly applicable to women, but generally absurd and contradicting.

Karla Šuler → “Off-side” is questioning a relationship between a mother and a daughter through the relation towards their own bodies. Placing the projection onto two screens and their physical detachment, I wanted to emphasise a void between the perception of a mother towards daughter’s body – a look upon a state in which it used to be, and a daughter`s facing of the body she is heading to. Both relations, regardless of a mutual emotional bond result with a certain nostalgia to something it used to be and a fear of passing by, a decay of the body which, although generally adopted, unconsciously produces a void, a latent instinctive envy alerting to a fact how mass media made women hostages of their own bodies and vanity. Absence of a defined space, darkness with light focus upon bodies, non-verbal atmosphere, and intimate gesture of undressing (revealing) as the focal points of the my video were inspirationally guided by Martina Miholić`s “Flatten Fields Amplifier” video.

Martina Miholić → “Collector” was developed as the product of mutual collaboration, and at the same time as the reference to the work of Igor Juran. Within my work I tried to retain the general character of Igor`s idea, but throughout the process it obtained a dimension of personal experience.
Work is an interactive web project which doesn`t remark or concludes, but records the fragments of global reality at the specific moment. Project is open living creature which responds and collects records of intimate and real substances. At the visual level collected elements are minimised and at the audial summed up, a procedure which doesn`t exclude their reality but finds it`s mutual core, and taking a contextual distance leaves a possibility of a return to an original state.

Igor Juran → In the works “Sadako” and “Ann Nicole”, my focus is reversed to an inversion of Tea`s concept with a rendering of a victim instead of the tank. A human is positioned in the centre of two fronts… inner and outer, a screen that takes away a perception from a present state is no longer thread inside a construction of a subject, but overlaps it in two dimensions.