ARTIST’S TALK | sense and/or sensibility: archive as a work of art

Start: May 18, 2016 @ 4 pm
@ Festival “Umjetnost i žena” | Svečana dvorana UAOS, Kralja Petra Svačića 1/F, 31 000 Osijek (HR)
By definition, the archive is a repository of written documents, movies, photos, music records (registers, letters, letters); (…). The Collecting Instinct, a prehistoric characteristic usually associated with women, caused most of the archive-based works of art to be attributed to female artists, thus linked to emotions, gentleness and memories … On the other hand, although there are no firm grounds for such claims, works of art that are influenced by science and could be perceived as “rational”, usually get attributed to the male authors. Through the presentation of my own archive-based projects, I will argue whether there is a collision of ratio and emotions in such projects, or the successful interrelationship between these two polarities, and whether the gender of the observer, as well as the preconceptions of “male” or “female” poetics affect the perception of such works.